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Disclaimer: SecureLayer7 MalwareScan is a free automated remote scanning service. We strive 
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Our Malware Removal Service Features

Obfuscated JavaScript Injections

Most malware attackers inject obscure malicious Javascript which looks like legit Javascript to unsuspecting webmasters.

Hidden and Malicious iFrames

Some malware attackers target website visitors with malicious iFrame code that hacks into their private information and data.

Backdoors and Webshells

The more daring malware attackers upload web-shells and backdoors to hidden places within your system.

Pharmaceutical Injections

Pharma Hacking is a tricky malware tactic that inserts malicious software in obscure locations within your computer system.

Malicious Website Redirections

A particularly clever malware attack technique is to insert redirection scripts in your system. These scripts are then used to redirect your website users to porn and other sites. We use multiple methods to scan, detect and remove redirection malware.

Drive by Downloads

Another clever malware attack trick is to place JAVA based exploits that subsequently download and execute malicious files into your browser without your knowledge.

Web Mailer Script

Web Mailer scripts are spamming malware. They are inserted by the attacker into your mail system, effectively using your system to send spam, leading to the blacklisting of your site by search engines.

Exploit Kit Detection

We Look for all type of Exploit Kit in your website one of the example: Nuclear Exploit Kit